Team Pool Championships

Pool. Who hasn’t had a few games?! It remains one of the world’s most played and popular games among girls and boys alike.
 This game literally and figuratively takes place on a level playing field. 
It demands concentration, creativity, tactical awareness, pin point accuracy and nerves of steel.

Let three times European Pool Champion Rico “Ricochet” Diks host your company’s Team Pool Championships”. We can play doubles, team or singles matches to get down to the final match for eternal bragging rights. Everyone will have a few games and plenty of time will be left to spend at the bar.

This will require steady hands and cool heads and is sure to produce many exciting games and nail-biting frame finishes! 
All this while vocally spurred on by your team mates!

-For groups of 2-150 people
-Duration: 2-5 hours

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