Office Pool Fun with Ricochet

Team Building – Staff parties – Friday a’noon fun

Team Company Pool Championships – (Guest) Trick Shots – Master Classes

Let your office pool table become the scene for spectacular staff Trick Shots, a brief Master Class and your company’s Pool Championships. Wether it be for Friday afternoon entertainment or a monthly team league of pool fun, these are the times where everyone shines!

Rico will teach everyone, no matter their skill level to become pool Trick Shot stars. Six balls potted with one stroke of your cue, balls up and down ramps, jump shots and curve balls… It’s all happening and you’ll be the one shooting. We’ll also film it on your phone for eternal show off purposes. Then we’ll bring some rusty players up to speed with useful technical and tactical tips in the Pool Master Class before we commence your Team Championships where everyone will be firing in the spots or the stripes on route to the all conquering black 8-ball for eternal office bragging rights.